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What the heck is 2ndhub™?

2ndhub is a new service for SL™ users that was launched in early 2010. It comes in the form of this custom website as well as web-enabled in-world tools all designed to enhance your Second Life© world experience!

Some of the highlights of 2ndhub include:
  • New & exciting social-networking features that are integrated with SL!
  • Multiple profile types for individuals as well as for SL businesses or groups, which are also linked to each other.
  • Blogging, posting, micro-blogging and comments built in.
  • Easy friending helps you stay in touch and share.
  • Unlimited update groups that can be linked to personal or business profiles, with in-world notices and attachments! They also have their own pages for posts and comments.
  • Flickr integration! If you choose, your most recent flickr uploads will show as small images right on your profile along with a link to your flickr page!
  • Searchable directories for people, businesses and groups.
  • Some of the current web-enabled tools include SL update groups, subscribers, delivery servers, our unique HUD and soon vendors and greeters w/traffic info!
  • Many more features that aren't listed here...
  • ...and we will be offering more features & web-enabled tools in the weeks & months to come. This is just the beginning!

For more information about 2ndhub, you can take our 2ndhub Tour! More info is also found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

2ndhub.com is brought to you by the same company who created the successful AvMatch.com, MarcLogic.

We hope that as a member you will find using 2ndhub.com a fun & rewarding experience!

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