About our Affiliate Program!

Welcome to our Affiliate Program, where you can earn real money & points too!
Earning money & points with our program is as simple as rezzing our banner boards in your shop or club in-world. We do the rest!
  • How it works:
    First, make sure you're an active member of 2ndhub. Next, get your affiliate boards here:
    2ndhub Affiliate Kit on LL Marketplace
    Or here:
    AvMatch Affiliate Kit on LL Marketplace
    [Note that currently, both kits are the same. They each include boards for 2ndhub and AvMatch. So you only need to get one] Once you have your affiliate boards in-world, you simply rez the boards in your shop or club, etc. The boards will automatically register themselves! Now all you have to do is sit back and let your visitors click the boards!
  • How you can make money, and how much you can earn:
    Everytime someone clicks one of your boards, their name will be saved by our system. If they then decide to join the site ( depending on the board, either AvMatch.com or 2ndhub.com ), and then purchase points, tokens or a subscription, you will receive 10% of the first three purchases by this person! ( And this is per site. ) For example, if your affiliate board 'clicker' purchases a 1 month unlimited membership to AvMatch, you'll receive 143Ls. If they purchased a longer duration, you'd earn even more. They do need to click the specific site's board to be considered your affiliate clicker of the respective site.
  • How and when will you get paid:
    You will receive payment in the form of Linden Dollars. If you have a balance due, you will be paid on the 15th of the month for the previous month's earnings. For example, if you earned 5000Ls in the month of September, you will be paid 5000Ls to your Second Life account on the 15th of October.
  • How you can earn points too!
    For every one of your affiliate sign-ups that completes a profile, you'll receive 30 2ndhub points! Points are valuable to you because they allow you to purchase premium 2ndhub features, like banner ads, spotlights & classifieds! This guarantees you something of value, as long as your affiliate board 'clickers' create a profile. You can earn both points and Ls from the same member. That's definitely a win win!
  • How you can keep tabs on your affiliate boards and stats:
    After you have a verified 2ndhub account, you will have access to your own private Affiliate page, which you'll find here: Affiliate Member Stats and Info Page

When you receive the in-world banners for our Affiliate Program, they will look similar to the banners displayed above. The graphics on your affiliate boards might change from time to time, but they will always remain tasteful and attractive, at least in our opinion ;) Although it would be nice if you displayed them both, you do not have to. You can choose to display either banner alone. Displaying both increases your odds of earning more money. For more information about our Affiliate Program and it's rules, please see our Terms of Use policy!

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