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Bailee DeLuce
 Joined 2ndhub:   2-08-12
Time In-World:
18 to 24 months
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United States, West
Heya! My name is Bailee. I'm a fun, totally nerdy, unique girl. I enjoy many aspects of SL including the creative side, roleplaying, and of course shopping!! I love to talk, I like to make poses and other random goodies, and I have a tendency to say something completely dorky at any given moment. I am a RL artist and graphic designer, so you can usually find me scheming up random designs for cool things. I am super friendly, and I love making friends, so please feel free to message me, here or inworld! (Inworld name: Indigoskye44 Resident)
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In-World Activities:
Shopping, blogging, photography, pose making, being cool, family time, roleplay.
In-World Skills:
Photography, shopping, nerdiness, pose making, modeling, graphic design.
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