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Ditch The Date Suck The Server

Ditch The Date Suck The Server

Ditch The Date Suck The Server by Gina Varney, Danny D, Sam Bourne from Brazzers

Ditch The Date Suck The Server

Young and rowdy couple Gina Varney and Sam Bourne sit down at a restaurant. Wanting to get naughty, Gina gives Sam a handjob under the table to get him ready to fuck… only Sam cums too fast and dirties the underside of their table. While Sam cleans up, Gina turns her attention to the sexy waiter (Danny D), first sucking his dick behind a table, then taking him into the bathroom to fuck after Sam almost catches them. A fight breaks out between Sam and Danny, after Sam sees the obvious cum stains on Gina’s baseball cap!

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