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Foster Daughter Learns Not To Keep Secrets

Foster Daughter Learns Not To Keep Secrets

Foster Daughter Learns Not To Keep Secrets by Jessae Rosae and Havana Bleu from Foster Tapes

Foster Daughter Learns Not To Keep Secrets

When Jessae Rosae meets her foster stepmom, Havana Bleu, and her husband for the first time, things go well. They seem to have her best interest in mind, and they even give her a teddy bear as a gift to ease her anxiety. However, Jessae soon discovers that her foster parents have embedded a hidden camera in the gift. She confronts them and is informed that secrets of a sexual nature are not allowed in the house. Jessae learns to adjust to the new rules through an intimate family therapy session that takes place in her bedroom. Video of this case is available upon request. Case filed by Social Services Agent TS.

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