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Hockey Ritual Madness

Hockey Ritual Madness

Hockey Ritual Madness by Lexi Lore and Hazel Moore from

Hockey Ritual Madness

It’s the NHL finals and Mike and Jack are both hardcore fans of opposite rival teams. Not only are they super fans but they also have all these strange superstitions that supposedly bring them good luck during the

season, and they had no better idea than to drag their respective stepdaughters Hazel and Lexi to the madness. While Lexi’s stepdad’s traditions are more traditional, Hazel’s stepdad’s superstitions are a bit more extreme. For instance, he makes his stepdaughter do stuff like wearing his lucky jersey with only underwear and socks underneath and some other strange

inappropriate behavior, like sitting on dad’s lap while he cups her breasts. Lexi and her stepdad are shocked by this but when their team starts to lose, desperation sets in and they are forced to take things to the next level in order to win the bet that they made with Hazel and her stepdad.

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