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Sergeant’s Rewards System

Sergeant’s Rewards System

Sergeant’s Rewards System by JC Wilds and Molly Little from

Sergeant’s Rewards System

Gi Joey is tired of his out-of-control stepdaughter JC’s rebellious attitude. He is out of options and calls his friend Sergeant Miles for some advice since his stepdaughter Molly is so well-behaved and the total

opposite of JC. Sergeant Miles has some pretty unorthodox methods of keeping her in line, like making her wear a chastity belt to keep her innocence

intact and raising her with a “rewards and punishment” system. One week later, JC is behaving like a lady, doing chores and respecting her elders (with some occasional naughty activities in the bathroom). Sergeant

Miles taught his friend’s stepdaughter well, so he bring the two girls to reward their exemplary behavior with a hot fuck session. JC tries to claim her reward

by kissing her stepdad, but Gi Joey feels uncomfortable. To sort this out, Sergeant Miles proposes swapping stepdaughters, whatever it takes to keep his strict system working.

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