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Summertime Blossom Part 1

Summertime Blossom Part 1

Summertime Blossom Part 1 by Aften Opal, Hazel Moore, Blake Blossom, Ginger Grey, Em Indica and Kitty Valance from

Summertime Blossom Part 1

Summertime Blossom (Part 1 of 3): Blake recently graduated from high school and is preparing to start her new college journey. She has dedicated her entire youth to staying focused in school, avoiding parties, and always being on top of her grades. But things are about to change when her best friends invite her to an end-of-year graduation party. In it, she has her first intimate moment with her long-time

crush Max. Unfortunately, her eternal bully and rival Em Indica spots the scene and stands in the way, shaming Blake publicly. After the party fiasco, Blake meets up with her best friends Aften, Kitty, and Elias to unwind. Her friends propose a game of spin-the-bottle to lighten the mood. Things quickly get hotter and hotter, and the girls decide it’s time to help Elias get laid. And who’s better for the job than his three best friends to do it? After a confidence-boosting foursome, the friends convince Blake to go and do the same thing with her crush Max.

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